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Jennifer Grady speaking at SelectUSA



  • Business and Immigration Tips for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Panel


September 20, 2018


San Diego, CA



  • Employment Law Update on Alcohol and Marijuana in the Workplace

  • Annual Immigration Update/What to Do When ICE Comes Knocking on Your Door

  • Preventing Sexual Harassment in the University Setting​

  • On-site Sexual Harassment Training

  • 2017 Immigration Update:  What to Do When ICE Comes Knocking at Your Door

  • Achieving Global Mobility - Employment Structures, Visas, and Compliance Standards for Expanding into the U.S. Market

  • Legal careers options and study abroad advice for pre-law students

  • Employment Visa Options for Foreign Attorneys

  • How To Start and Grow Your Own Law Firm


  • Immigration Options and State-Sponsored Incentives for Companies Doing Business in California (co-hosted by California Governor’s Office and Los Angeles Mayor's Office)

  • Sexual Harassment Training for Employees and Supervisors (in English with  Vietnamese translation)

  • Leadership and Sexual Harassment Training for Employees and Supervisors (in English and Spanish)

  • Fireside Chat re immigration options for entrepreneurs after gradation 

  • Sexual Harassment Training for Management and Staff (in English and Spanish)

  • How to Expand Your Business to the Largest Consumer Economy in the World 

  • How to Expand Your Business to Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach, California

  • Learn How to Expand Your Business to the USA​

  • California Employment Law Updates for Repair Shop Owners

  • Start-up Chile Webinar: How to Do Live and Business in the Largest Consumer Economy in the World

  • Start-up Chile: How to Do Live and Business in the Largest Consumer Economy in the World (Presentation at Start-up Chile headquarters in Santiago de Chile)

  • Angels Pitch and Tech Crawl (in conjunction with Pay It Forward Labs)

  • Record Keeping Requirements and the Underground Economy

  • The Top Ten Tools Business Owners Need (Small Business Week event)

  • The Top Ten Tools Business Owners Need (In-House Training)

  • Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Working With Business Partners

  • Women in Entrepreneurship (Panelist)

  • Preparation the Right Way Keeps the Lawyers Away: 8 Tips to Protect Your Business From Lawsuits by Customers and Clients

  • Essentials of Trusts and Business Succession Planning (Co-presenter)

  • What's Holding You Back From Pursuing Your Career Dreams? (Co-presenter)

  • Pay It Forward For Business (Startup Legal Expert Panelist)

  • A.C.E. the Global Market by Exporting to Emerging Markets



California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) Inland Empire Chapter Educational Meeting

California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) 2018 Landscape Industry Show

University of California Los Angeles Extension International Trade and Commerce Program




University of California, Los Angeles Staff

Multi-national corporation client

California Landscape and Contractors Association and California Employers Association

SelectUSA Investor Academy

University of California, San Diego


University of Southern California Gould School of Law L.L.M. Program

Loyola Law School

LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce


SelectUSA Investment Summit

Manufacturing Plant with 50 employees

Luxury Hotel with 100+ employees

UCI Blackstone Launch Pad


Construction and property management company with 300+ employees

Vancouver area entrepreneurs attending BC Tech Summit

Forum for Women Entrepreneurs

ProChile Delegation to Los Angeles

Automotive Training Institute (ATI)

Start-up Chile

Start-up Chile


Angel Launch

Inland Empire Employer Advisory Council

Chase Bank, National Blvd. Branch


Entrepreneur Podcast Network


West Hollywood Women's Leadership Conference

Automotive Training Institute

Transamerica Life Insurance Agent Training 

Women Entrepreneurs Club

Pay It Forward Labs 

LAX Coastal Area Chamber of Commerce



March 20, 2018





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Vancouver, BC Canada

City Club Los Angeles

Irvine, CA

Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile


San Francisco, CA

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Los Angeles, CA

Culver City, CA



West Hollywood, CA

National Webinar

Beverly Hills, CA

Hollywood, CA

Santa Monica, CA

El Segundo, CA

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