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Resources for Trucking Companies

The Grady Firm can assist your company with preparing a H-2B visa for temporary workers, an EB-3 Green Card to sponsor foreign workers, and answer questions on a case-by-case basis.

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The Grady Firm is not a job placement agency and cannot connect drivers with employers. Truck drivers must have a job offer to begin the visa process. The Grady Firm represents trucking companies who wish to sponsor employees. 

Visa Program Chart

Use the chart below to determine which visa is appropriate for your business. 

Then, complete this trucking questionnaire to see if you qualify! 

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Blog Posts

Read more about the H-2B and EB-3 visas below, along with links to detailed blog articles.

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Ready for the next step? Schedule a consultation with an attorney here!

Find out if you qualify, and which visa program is best for your company.

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